Michael Graves

Formerly the Abyssal known as "The Unmarked Grave of Fallen Soldiers' Hopes and Dreams" and the Deathlord "War"


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Appearance after Redemption

Appearance before Redemption


On a night in 1978, the child that would become The Unmarked Grave of Fallen Soldiers’ Hopes was born in New Orleans to a mother who could not recall the identity of her baby’s father. While hardly a virgin, the boy’s mother simply had no clue as to who the father was other than a dream of a pale figure. Born of unknown circumstances and appearing sickly pale, the unprepared mother gave her child to its grandmother to raise. Even at a young age, this abandoned son exhibited signs of odd behavior. At the age of seven, he stole his mother’s car and made the local news. By age 10 he was getting in to fights with near-lethal consequences and was taken in for psychological evaluations repeatedly. At the age of 13, he began to hear whispers urging him to foment violence.

In high school, he continued his delinquent behavior but moved away from direct violence to mostly managing the trouble. He did everything from starting his own gang to framing a teacher for sexual harassment. In a way, he was actually getting his destructive impulses under control while still listening to the whispers. Unfortunately, the voices grew more intense and demanding as he aged; they even started to appear as visions.

Reluctantly following his grandmother’s wishes, he went to a local state school to study psychology, wanting to gain control over the voices. After his grandmother’s death in his fifth year and with little success in college, Grave enlisted in the army and voluntarily served as an infantry man in Afghanistan at the start of the war. The voices then seemed to assist him, alerting him to danger and leading him to his enemies… even as they tempted him towards more destructive behavior. After his first deployment, he retrained as a 37F Psychological Operations Specialist and learned Arabic to remove himself from the direct combat environment, which he has having trouble controlling himself in.

Already somewhat unsure about the wars, his next deployment, this time in Iraq, totally disenchanted him as he went about convincing the locals to work with the army, often against their own best interests. While he felt he was perpetuating an uncontrollable cycle of violence and often felt pangs of guilt, he was good at his job and took a real pleasure in bending others to his will. That it helped quiet the whispers was an added bonus which he did not overlook.

However, his efforts had not gone unnoticed by local insurgents and he was attacked quietly and purposefully in an ambush. He believed he was to meet with insurgents who would be willing to work for the army if paid, a common deal. As he lay dying, one of the voices offered him revenge if he would give up his name and serve the holder of the voice. He accepted without hesitation and awoke as The Unmarked Grave of Fallen Soldiers’ Hopes to murder his killers with his bare hands, having lost his sympathy for anyone involved in war, either insurgent or countryman.

After his brutal awakening, Graves immediately set about killing insurgents, army officers he believed to were corrupt, and even local civilians who had taken advantage of the war. Eventually, Graves was captured by nephracks of his dark master and tortured. In the underworld they literally tore his soul out and then bound it to his skin, claiming that the marks would be a reminder to the be loyal to his master and would eventually serve as armor.

Once freed from the torture and given a minimum of training, Graves was sent back to Creation to follow the commands of his whispers, which he now knows are not a psychosis but the voices of the Neverborn. He has started a small PMC company to further the cause of the Deathlord known as War, following the commands of his masters, but he also secretly seeks a way to undermine the Neverborn. Now that he knows that the voices in his head are real, he believes he can destroy them and desires to do so. He just doesn’t know how.

Michael Graves

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