Brodie Lee

New God of Martial Arts/Rap Fusion


Brodie’s first single:

Electric Feel

Brodie as a Deathlord:

Brodie as a Primordial Exalted:


Brodie Lee is the son of Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) and Eliza “Lisa” Hutton. He was born 1993, just months after his father’s mysterious death.

After Brandon Lee died, Lisa moved to Nebraska and changed her name back to Hutton. She did not tell Brodie who his father and grandfather were. Her plan was to keep Brodie unaware so he would not follow in the same cursed martial arts fame seeking footsteps that claimed the life of both Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee.

Brodie grew up to be an exceptionally athletic teenager, as well as somewhat of a show off. At the age of 16, while a still a sophomore in high school, he was already being courted by high ranking colleges to enter their academic sports programs upon graduation.

However, his life changed when he happened to come across an old diary of his mother’s she had kept hidden in the attic. Brodie discovered who his father and grandfather were and at that moment exalted into a Solar Martial Artist. He knew his fate was to become the most famed martial artist ever known. He expressed his dream to his mother, which quickly evolved in a heated argument that concluded when Brodie stormed out of the house and hitched a ride to Hollywood. He has not spoken to his mother since then. His first action in Hollywood was to legally change his last name from ‘Hutton’ to ‘Lee.’

Brodie’s family legacy leveraged him a fast track into fame over the past year. His resume consists of:

- Played a minor role as “Thug #3” in the Jean-Claude Van Damme film “Foot of Death.”

- Played the role of Donatello in the straight to DVD release of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Half-Shells in Hawaii.”

- Appeared in 3 rap videos for the underground rapper M.C. Dao Dawg. Brodie is confident that he is on the inside track of the upcoming phenomena known MAR-fusion (MAR = martial arts/rap).

- Went to the UFC tryouts and qualified for official competition. Brodie has not followed up with any actual matches yet. His agent proposes he gets a few films under his belt, which will make his first match more promotable.

Brodie is now working with his agent to find an acceptable leading role which will formally introduce Brodie to the world as the grandson of Bruce Lee. His name is creating a small-but-growing stir in the action/martial arts film community. He already has a small following of fans (primarily on his facebook page).

Brodie Lee

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